fluid envelopefluid envelopefluid envelopefluid envelopefluid envelope

the sealed envelope
[fluid membrane concept]

Unlike traditional envelopes, this envelope has been designed to remain sealed. The recipient is encouraged to interact, and explore the message contained within.

The fluid filled membrane that forms the basis of its construction, contains a coloured liquid that hides the message and images inside the envelope.

Upon holding the envelope, force is applied to the membrane surfaces, creating a pressure point that pushes the liquid away, revealing part of the message and enticing the viewer to explore further.

The liquid inside the membrane can be altered to vary the opacity and colour giving the designer the required effect – from transparent to totally opaque.

This concept was created for an invitation to the opening of a new marine aquarium centre. Blue liquid has been used to imitate sea water and a small pocket of air has been left inside the membrane so that bubbles add to the underwater theme.

The large window area of the envelope has been fully utilised, with images of underwater marine life to be discovered.

The aim has been to create a real surprise factor, with the contrast between the dark blue/black of the screen and the luminous effect once the screen is touched.


Concept development, design/layout, typesetting/artwork and manufacturing production.


Gold award winner
Art of the envelope competition.