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CLIENT: Hyndman Publishing

A Home-grown Cook
The Dame Alison Holst Story

Dame Alison Holst holds more titles than her damehood suggests; she’s been variously described as ‘Mother of the Nation’, ‘Queen of the Kitchen’, and ‘a groundbreaker in the culinary world’.

Dame Alison Holst’s fascinating memoir reveals the characteristic charm and calm spirit that is so familiar to us all. Her story takes us from a modest upbringing in Dunedin, to her role as one of our most endearing Kiwi icons. It brilliantly captures Dame Alison Holst’s distinctive voice on every page.

As this biography became Alison's 100th title, we decided to illustrate the complete collection of covers of her previous titles on the inside front and back jacket of this title.


Design/layout, typesetting and artwork production.